• princessofpromise

What Do I Believe?

Brit Torah Observant.

Or in covenant believer is the short title I’ve settled on. It’s been hard to give what I am a title that best describes what I believe in a short amount of words. I’m not messianic I’m not jewish and I’m not an adventist anymore.

So what do I believe?

I believe in the seventh day commanded and much appreciated weekly rest.

I keep the biblical feasts YHVH requires in the covenant for us to celebrate as aposed to the worldly unclean holidays like christmas and easter that are steeped in paganism.

I call the father by His name Yehovah.

I believe that The Spirit, the Ruach Ha’kodesh, is feminine’s in form.

I believe in the Messiah who is called Yehosuah, not Jesus

I believe in the two different sets of law given at Mt. Sinai. The first was the Melchizedek Covenant or Royal Law as I like to call it. This set of law was given BEFORE the golden calf and has a clear start and finish that isn’t easy to miss. This Royal Law is everlasting just as He is and required to keep for salvation. This law is beautiful!

I believe that at His death Yehosuah paid the price for original sin and did away with the second set of law (levitical law). This law was given AFTER the golden calf, was temporary, and described as burdensome.