• princessofpromise

Cloak of Light

I knew there was a war. I knew that there was Good and Evil. I knew that our world was under the influence of both but I couldn’t imagine how far their influence went and how they delivered it. Because I had recently finished a book series and was looking for another with meaning I was looking at another series from Chuck Black on amazon. I was in a bit of a debate whether or not to buy it, I had read really good reviews about it and the description was great, but something wasn’t right. After reading a chapter and a half of the preview I decided not to get it. A couple weeks later I came back to it and read everything over again felling both appalled by it and drawn to wanting to take another book risk. I remembered that we have what’s called a library and put the first book of the series along with a few others I was looking at on hold. Upon picking it up and going to the park to read I was very impressed with Blacks writing but not so much with the story. I had no idea where it was headed and that made me question the book. I read for two hours that day and then two more the next realizing Black was setting the stage for something. Making it nearly through half the book I was starting to like it more and more. At one point I realized that though this book I was being given one of the most powerful spiritual eye openers. The visuals Black gives in the story has had a profound impact on the way that I view the other dimension. They are very real and something that I think has never been done before but has been long needed.

We all know that it’s real, we all know that there is a larger story going on and a battle taking place. But at the end of the day there is still a veil between the two worlds. A very thin veil granted… but as we live this life that in the matrix we can get a little distracted. We can get so distracted that you forget about the larger story and the battle that’s going on. What I really have fallen in love with in reading this book is Blacks writing and how he is able to tear the veil away so we can see what’s really going on their end or in there dimension-which helps us figure out how and makes us better equipped to fight on our end.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is searching for truth about how the Dark Side is controlling us and how it is getting its hand on us. How the dark side is working against Yahovah and His Warriors of Light and how the Warriors themselves are fighting for us and on our behalf. Really it has opened my eyes to how I personally am able to do warfare. Its something I’ve always struggled with because apart from being in the matrix with so many distractions and eyes being blinded, most of the time when you do realize and you do remember that there is a battle going on around us the question pops up, “Well what do I do?” There’s only so much I can do. I’ve been telling myself its not in my hands, its to big, its beyond me and it true! Its in a different realm but the books… they open the two realms up and they put them together and they show you how the two interact with one-another which is mind-blowing. Then as your reading it and you see how Drew sees the world and how he handles himself and how he lives out his life and used his gift (or curse) as a tool and towards his benefit and the benefit of others… you can actually see, “Oh that’s what I’m supposed to do. That’s exactly how I’m supposed to work and how I’m supposed to do warfare. Its interesting now… I have a huge imagination and this is a place where my imagination hasn't been able to explore and hasn’t been able to open up into and this book has done that for me. Now I can live my life kinda seeing the same way Drew is able to see, and in turn be able to start to learn how to use warfare and fight this Great Battle we’re all living in.

If you would like to read the book that inspired me, search for the Cloak of Light series by Chuck Black.