• princessofpromise

Our hearts remember something better...

The annual feast of Yom Teruah is not only about awaiting The Kings future return on that day… but embracing the fact that our hearts remember Eden. We know that we were made for paradise and to live a life in close connection with our Creator and King. Realizing that paradise WILL BE RESTORED one day, we have the hope of all our dreams being realized.

However, this hope has been torn from humanity by the evil one only to be replaced with a not so pleasing image of sterile, emotionless humans floating around in heaven singing and worshiping for eternity. There is no hope in that! No wonder the majority of Christians have mixed feelings towards the kings return. They have nothing to look forward to.

I come to realize, with a lot of different subjects, that essentially Christians believe his plan was flawed in some way and needs to be fixed... may I just say that its not up to us to think about the Creator in that way.

Our job is to see YHVH's heart in both scripture and observing how he made things to work in the natural world. Scripture says that Their invisible attributes are seen though everything that They made. This would include YHVH's heart towards us and how He intended us to live. How can anyone possibly imagine paradise without falling in love? Without weddings being a thing anymore? Without making love! without baring a child resulting from that love? Without having a family? Without building a home? Its a huge part of life because YHVH intended it to be.

Why would YHVH change the human mind and heart to do away with a intimate pleasure that He Himself created our bodies to partake in? Taking that experience away from us never has been His intention and and taking that

joy from women to carry a child is not His heart towards us.

Living in the end of the age and not being able to set those unaccomplished items on your bucket list aside, as something to look forward to in the coming kingdom, will break any soul.

But allowing yourself to set all your hopes for experiencing true passionate love, adventure without fear (and everything else that could possibly be listed here) in the palm of YHVH's hand, while simultaneously TRUSTING that they will be realized later will set your heart free!

You must remember that our hearts can only trade up.

Our home is not heaven and it never was. We were not intended to be spirits floating around praising YHVH with song alongside Angels for thousands of years. Nope! We were meant to have a rich life in face to face connection with Elohim on a beautifully created planet, in a stunning universe. A life filled with adventure, experiences, relationships, love, and laughter!

Aren’t there things that you dream of doing or experiencing that you aren’t able to do because you are limited by ability, fear, money or time? ( if you want a journal prompt, there it is ) Those limitations will disappear and we will get to do all that we dream of! Thinking with this type of imagination and knowing the true intention of our Creators heart towards us in this matter will give us an insane amount of shalom on earth now and draw us closer to YHVH, Yehoshua, and The Ruach. There is not enough room or words in the universe to say here how amazing life will be after the restoration! Clean air, clean oceans, animals living a happy life and in a harmless world. Adventure at our fingertips, finding your other half, children being able to be children again! Everything from good adrenaline rushes to laying on the most gorgeous white sand beach all in a world free of evil. I don’t know about you but I cannot wait for earth restored under Yehoshua's rule!